Monthly Archives: May 2012

Google Public Data Demo

Google Public Data is incredibly cool. You can take any public data from the World Bank or 76 other data providers, slice & dice your own homemade charts or graphics, and visualize mind blowing trends.  This demo is one of many, here. Read more [...]

Education for Everyone

This will definitely disrupt the education system as we know it, and it's for the better.  It's an essential and overdue step towards education for all and an even playing field. Coursera is delivering high-quality online courses from top universities, for free, and for everyone.   The best schools will educate not thousands, but millions of Read more [...]

The Ringer

I hate alarm clocks. Waking up to them is absolutely infuriating, and not only because it's a horribly jarring way to part with sleep - though that has something to do with it, for sure. I always use my phone as my alarm clock, and every time I get a new phone I change the ring I use as my alarm, and I'm pretty sure I've grown to despise every Read more [...]

Tooth Decay

If I recall correctly, my English professor Cefalu said "wow this is a tough poem," and that's really all you need to know. Anyway, here's a little metaphysical poetry for all you bards and rhapsodists out there. Read more [...]

Eminem: A Theory of Value

My friend Jake Johnson, an alumnus of both Lafayette College and my Niskayuna High School Varsity soccer team, asked me a provocative question a while back: “run rabbit run might be eminem's best song, yay or nay?” Now, anyone who has known me for over 39.5 minutes is painfully aware that: (1) I’m of the opinion that Eminem is the second Read more [...]

Country Roads, Take Me Home

This post is a reprint of something I wrote for a different blog, so sorry if you've already read it, but honestly if you have, you probably want to read it again. As before, the story is based loosely on actual or rumored experiences and the lyrics to the DKE Rho anthem "Country Roads" by John Denver. To make it easier for everyone, regular print Read more [...]

Slow Train Comin’

“Look like you and me both tryin to make sense of this game.” Russell Bell Read more [...]

An Idea of Immortality

One of my favorite philosophical readings is Plato’s Phaedo, the renowned Socratic dialogue depicting the days leading to the death of Socrates. In the dialogue Socrates offers, among other things, arguments for the soul’s immortality. His musings on the soul begin as mere reassurance to his friends and students. Although he has just been Read more [...]

Worlds Most Amazing Dubstep Violin

This is Lupe Fiasco's violin player...   -Bassnectar & Ellie Goulding Lights - The Mad Violinist Read more [...]

Killed a Man with my Bare Hands

What's going on, dude? What did you do today? Killed a man with my bare hands. What about you? Killed a bear with my man hands. 
I handed a bear a killed man. I killed a bear-man with no hands. I killed a bare mans dreams of getting a hand job. No you didn't dude, I gave him one after you left. 
With your killer bear-hands, Read more [...]