Monthly Archives: October 2012

Ball Handling

I graduated from Lafayette College in the spring of 2010, and spent the early part of the summer on the couch of my childhood home, applying for a few jobs and watching a lot of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. As I write this Blogcat over 2 years later, a few aspects of that footie tournament stand out in my memory. Read more [...]

Providentiae Memor: Autumn for the Kings of Europe

This past Saturday, a 77 year old man died in a Munich hospital. His name was Albert Joseph Maria Franz-Xavier, a name which will not only fail to resonate with the vast majority of the people reading this, but with the vast majority of people worldwide. The truth is that Albert was an irrelevant figure, whose death will be unheralded outside of Read more [...]

Politics as Usual

At this point in my life, politics is just not something that I’m particularly interested in. Things may change as I age, but at this point I just don’t care. I live in D.C., arguably the political capitol of the world, and could not give less of a shit. I am not up to date on anything that is going on. What ever happened to that guy with the Read more [...]