Monthly Archives: July 2013

Baby, I’m an Anarchist

I don't quite remember the year; the poignancy of the memory overpowers any sense I have of my exact age, or even grade, at the time. I was driving my parents' Volvo down 114 towards Newport. My two closest friends, Spike and David, were in the car with me. David had just put in a CD of some band he was getting into that I had never heard of, with Read more [...]

The Brother Pi Breakdown

As most of you know by now (since I've written about it in this forum on a few occasions), I love Pong. Not only does it come close to maximizing the enjoyment I can get from drinking, it is inextricably linked to the nostalgia I feel toward my fraternity, DKE, and the house I called home for almost three years. I was first to play a game among Read more [...]