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BioLite Stove – Cooking Fire + Electricity This ROCKS!!!  This product is the result of marrying engineering with world needs.   I hope to see it scattering in the near future.  Would you donate one if you could pick the recipient family from a list of bios?  Now the biggest issue is distribution - how to get this to the most remote places in Read more [...]

Google Public Data Demo

Google Public Data is incredibly cool. You can take any public data from the World Bank or 76 other data providers, slice & dice your own homemade charts or graphics, and visualize mind blowing trends.  This demo is one of many, here. Read more [...]

Education for Everyone

This will definitely disrupt the education system as we know it, and it's for the better.  It's an essential and overdue step towards education for all and an even playing field. Coursera is delivering high-quality online courses from top universities, for free, and for everyone.   The best schools will educate not thousands, but millions of Read more [...]

Worlds Most Amazing Dubstep Violin

This is Lupe Fiasco's violin player...   -Bassnectar & Ellie Goulding Lights - The Mad Violinist Read more [...]

Welcome to BlogCat Territory

Welcome to the inauguration of this blog. Feel free to post, comment, or just read for now.  I hope this turns into an efficient and enjoyable way for us (and other likeminded individuals) to share our findings and keep each other informed in our respective niches.