BioLite Stove – Cooking Fire + Electricity

This ROCKS!!!  This product is the result of marrying engineering with world needs.   I hope to see it scattering in the near future.  Would you donate one if you could pick the recipient family from a list of bios?  Now the biggest issue is distribution – how to get this to the most remote places in the world?

4 responses to “BioLite Stove – Cooking Fire + Electricity

  1. I need to be an agent. the stove is good.

  2. L. Netajit Singh

    Dear Sir ,
    I like to know the detail as well as price too about the bio lite stove and I would like to be an agent in my area, since it seems to be new one and less consumption of fire wood.
    So, be reply soon.
    Thank you.
    with regards

  3. I was ready to rush out and buy one, however the prices of these stoves in the UK are horrendous, basically all BioLite have done is swap the $ for a £ and add about 50 to the price.
    So a Biolite base camp will set you back at the moment a rather expensive £350 and not the $300 odd in the us which actually works out to about £190 and the “P” taking £350 claimed.

    Ok, so that is out the bag, we get shafted in the UK allot by american companies wanting to make a quick buck or 50, if a supplier in the UK could get and sell at the same equivalent price or set up a factory here in the UK for UK markets then maybe the price could be justified but seeing as its the same cost as making and selling in US markets, BioLite are really taking the piss.

    Next on the agenda, like the rocket stove, the basecamp delivers very little current, USB is rated at 2 or 2.1 Amps maximum and the base camp outputs 1 Amp when running at optimal performance, the rocket stove has even less so charging current being limited, a PDA or phone is very slow to charge as you need to be set up and burning for at least 8 hours solid to get your night lighting sorted and electronic gadgets charged up.

    So there is a real benefit to these stoves in the right setting and also a downside where electronics are concerned, a villager in India may benefit more from daily use but an occasional user like myself would not.

    IMHO this can be seriously improved on by better design and I have to say that for westerners, it is barely adequate.

  4. Good morning

    i live in djibouti. I can its model.
    Give me the price .


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