Killed a Man with my Bare Hands

What’s going on, dude? What did you do today?

Killed a man with my bare hands. What about you?

Killed a bear with my man hands.

I handed a bear a killed man.

I killed a bear-man with no hands.

I killed a bare mans dreams of getting a hand job.

No you didn’t dude, I gave him one after you left.

With your killer bear-hands, man?

Yes mam. I couldn’t bare to see a handy man kill.

I handled a bare man in the Catskills.

I barely avoided killing a praying mantis down in East Fishkill.

I managed to handle baring all atop Mt. Kilimanjaro.

I kept in simple, handedly killing a bare man.

I managed to kill a handy bear.

I manned and killed off a barely-touched vodka handle

I did that once. Bad news. I was watching this football game, and I ended up killing a man when Brian Urlacher forced a fumbled hand off.

Alright, later.


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  1. I clearly need to up my gchat game..

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