Pong Pod #6: Serving, and Implementing Changes


In this latest episode of the Pong Pod, Ezra, Bullets and I wrap up our mechanics discussion by focusing on serving form specifically, and then talk about how – in light of how infrequent we actually have the opportunity to play – one could actually implement positive, permanent changes to one’s mechanics.

Important note: We’re asking for audience feedback here, hoping a brave listener will volunteer to have his mechanics analyzed in a game film session. Whichever hero is happy to do so would certainly be welcome to join us on the pod and discuss as well.


One response to “Pong Pod #6: Serving, and Implementing Changes

  1. Hey,

    Stoked that I stumbled on this. I was in the Sigma chapter, graduated a few years ago. We played pretty much the same game but with one cup in the middle instead of two on the corners, a higher middle fence, and no “doobie rack.” Didn’t know anyone else played. Wondering if you knew anything about the history of the game or if any other chapters play it. Anyway, cool that you guys do this. Seems like you’re real students of the game.


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