Pong Pod, Episode 3, Pong Rules!

Welcome to the third installment of our weekly monthly whenever-we-feel-like-ly podcat, the Pong Pod! This is actually part ONE of an extra-special two-part podcat, since we talked for so long you might have thought we were playing water pong.

In case you missed our first two episodes, you can listen to them on SoundCloud: in Episode 1, Live On, we waxed romantic about our love for the game of pong and some of our most cherished pong memories; in Episode 2, Terms for the Table, we discussed Nognarok and spitballed some new game terminology.

In this episode, your dutiful hosts (Josh, Bullets, and Ezra) discuss the rules of the game, and how our precious DKE rules compare with some of the other common variants of the game.

Now, enough rallying around, let’s play!

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