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Laughing on the Inside

I'm sure many of you will fairly accuse me of writing this article as an excuse to talk about 395. You haters are right, but the joke's on you - I've made a 395 reference in every Blogcat I've written for this website. Clearly, I don't need an excuse. Read more [...]


It’s been too long since I've written for Bobcat Territory. This must end. I haven’t taken a leave of absence for any particular reason, nor have I returned from my unprecedented-in-length hiatus with an epic tale. I have no sweeping saga with which to regale you (we’ll leave that for Bullets’ next Blogcat). Instead, I want to relate Read more [...]

The Daily Grind: Working 3 to 9 to 5

I guess what it comes down to is what kind of person you are. Do you play down to your competition, or do you do your best every time? Do you do only what is asked of you, or do you perform as well as you can no matter what your expectations are? Here's a question: what do you get paid for?Do you get paid to do the best job you possibly can? Or is it something else? Read more [...]