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Smoke and Mirrors

Marshall Mathers released his 8th full-length studio album, The Marshall Mathers LP 2, on November 5th, this past Tuesday. It is a sequel, or rather an alleged continuation, of The Marshall Mathers LP, his most successful record, which I consider to be the greatest rap album of all time. I'll use this Blogcat to provide my opinions on the recent Read more [...]

Baby, I’m an Anarchist

I don't quite remember the year; the poignancy of the memory overpowers any sense I have of my exact age, or even grade, at the time. I was driving my parents' Volvo down 114 towards Newport. My two closest friends, Spike and David, were in the car with me. David had just put in a CD of some band he was getting into that I had never heard of, with Read more [...]

Life is a Cigarette

This is the inaugural post for the Quarry. This blogcat will be a collection of short essays and articles dealing with a range of topics that I find interesting to write about. At times, these pieces will be complements to my longer columns. Presently, this acts as a bit of an "introduction" to the column that will be written over the course of the next week. Breathe it in. Read more [...]

Eminem: A Theory of Value

My friend Jake Johnson, an alumnus of both Lafayette College and my Niskayuna High School Varsity soccer team, asked me a provocative question a while back: “run rabbit run might be eminem's best song, yay or nay?” Now, anyone who has known me for over 39.5 minutes is painfully aware that: (1) I’m of the opinion that Eminem is the second Read more [...]

Worlds Most Amazing Dubstep Violin

This is Lupe Fiasco's violin player...   -Bassnectar & Ellie Goulding Lights - The Mad Violinist Read more [...]