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If A Tree Falls

One of the most widely known (and basic) philosophical thought experiments is some variant of "If a tree falls in a forest, and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?" Now, I would contend that a far more interesting philosophical question is the one posed by Gary Larson, here, but that is besides the point. In any case, the Read more [...]

Eminem: A Theory of Value

My friend Jake Johnson, an alumnus of both Lafayette College and my Niskayuna High School Varsity soccer team, asked me a provocative question a while back: “run rabbit run might be eminem's best song, yay or nay?” Now, anyone who has known me for over 39.5 minutes is painfully aware that: (1) I’m of the opinion that Eminem is the second Read more [...]

An Idea of Immortality

One of my favorite philosophical readings is Plato’s Phaedo, the renowned Socratic dialogue depicting the days leading to the death of Socrates. In the dialogue Socrates offers, among other things, arguments for the soul’s immortality. His musings on the soul begin as mere reassurance to his friends and students. Although he has just been Read more [...]