The First Fifty (and a Half)

Bullets and I play 1v1 pong every so often.

Early on, as all the games began to blur together, we noticed that we were horrible at keeping score. We could never even remember who’s serve it was. To rectify the situation, we picked up a whiteboard. Soon after that, we decided to pick team names for every game. We played for awhile before writing them down, but then, starting September 12, 2012, I began jotting them down in my molskine notebook.The list below shows the team names from our first fifty (and a half) games.

These names come from everywhere. Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts, DKE history, Inside Jokes and more. Further, they are all fairly binary in nature. Something like, “Good v.s. Evil” or “Magic v.s. Bird.”

After we crossed 50 (and a half), I thought it would be interesting to look back at the names we picked. Obviously it’s hard for the rest of you to do so, but for us it was cool to see how our team names synced up with the things we were into or had experienced at the time. For Example, #47 is clearly from the Super Bowl. Others were completely random; that was funny as well.

It was also fun for us to see if we could remember all the obscure references we’d made. Turns out, we couldn’t. We each missed one.

What score can each of you get? How much do our interests overlap with yours, our readers? I can 99.395% guarantee that nobody knows #42.

Take the “How Similar Are Your Interests Similar to Bullets’ and Josh’s?” Trivia Game! If you’re interested, post your score out of 50 (and a half) in the comments below. If not, I hope you get a kick out of some of the pairings anyway. #2 is my personal favorite.


1. The Dickie Club v.s. The Flat Hat Society
2. Jeff Rand’s E-Mail v.s. Dirka
3. Woody v.s. Buzz Lightyear
4. Wild Wild West vs. Men In Black
5. Troll v.s. Snorlax
6. United Atheist League v.s. Allied Atheist Alliance
7. Club Beyond v.s. Oceans
8. CHT v.s. Milo’s
9. Fabius v.s. Thadeus
10. Referees v.s. Roger Goodell
11. Billy Hunter v.s. David Stern
12. Chaff v.s. Wheat
13. The Ace Man v.s. The Sports Guy
14. Bald Bryan v.s. Cousin Sal
15. Zip It Cunt v.s. Get It On
16. Wild Thornberries v.s. Rocket Power
17. Alaina Lackman v.s. Rachel Pitcock
18. Tonto v.s. The Lone Ranger
19. Daniel Boone v.s. Davey Crockett
20. Master Splinter v.s. The Shredder
21. Ether v.s. The Takeover
22. Lazarevic v.s. Marlowe
23. Josh Weinstein v.s. Adam Davies
24. Stephen Jackson v.s. Ron Artest
25. Micah Downs v.s. Rob Kurz
26. Lloyd Christmas v.s. Harry Dunne
27. No. 12 Old South Hall v.s. The Raleigh Tavern
28. Good Bye v.s. Good Luck
29. Faith +1 v.s. Moop
30. Raphael v.s. Leonardo
31. Kornheiser v.s. Wilbon
32. Kareem Abdul Jabbar v.s. Lou Alcindor
33. Kumar v.s. Harold
34. White Castle v.s. Guantanamo Bay
35. Tron Legacy v.s. Tron
36. Duke Silver v.s. Tommy Timberlake
37. Everything Rhymes With Orange v.s. Nothing Rhymes With Orange
38. Badger v.s. Combo
39. 19.8746069144 v.s. √(395)
39.5    …–    —-.    …..     v.s. 111001101
40. Minerals v.s. Rocks
41. Laser Tag v.s. Car Wash
42. Michael Jordan v.s. Mos Def
43. Death Row v.s. Bad Boy
44. Hypothetical Road Trip Game v.s. Made Up Movie
45. Señor Tadpoles v.s. The Snakehole Lounge
46. The Bulge v.s. The Gothic Asshole
47. Jim Harbaugh v.s. John Harbaugh
48. Ted v.s. Pain & Gain
49. Molly v.s. Mary Jane
50. Zeus v.s. Jupiter

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