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The Siege Right-angled hydrangeas blind the windowframe to the bitter rotten clot of light over wrought iron chairs perched like insects beneath constellations of coffee stains while the red eyed frenzy of the night fast implodes in steam and speed: beleaguered soldiers boiling oil for the castle walls. * Read more [...]

A Mobile Banquet

A few weeks ago, I went to Paris with three of my fellow prestigious H.O.L.P. alumni. All four of us have a creative bent and to a certain degree were all looking to be inspired by the city (in addition to hoping to consume prodigious quantities of wine and cheese ... mission accomplished on that front, at least). Paris is, after all, almost universally Read more [...]

Bellemont Mill

I have always had a bit of a fascination with abandoned buildings. There is something visceral and oddly cathartic about seeing the way our constructs crumble into the dirt. Not only is it humbling to see how quickly the structures that we take for granted as solid and permanent turn to undistinguished piles of bricks, but there is a beauty to Read more [...]

Farewell, Grantland

This past Friday, news came out that ESPN would be shutting down the sports and pop culture website, effectively immediately. The site, with its "free flowing" content that "occasionally touche[d] on mature subjects," was known for its overly long columns. In hind sight, they weren't nearly long enough. Though this announcement Read more [...]

Into the Abyss

More than two years ago, I wrote a blogcat about the SyFy channel. You can read the original here. I gave that article the title the "uncanny valley," after a well-known psychological phenomenon, describing the revulsion people tend to feel when they see something that almost-but-not-quite-perfectly mimics a human being (like creepy animatronics). Read more [...]

Four Hundred and Twenty-Five Elephants in the Sky

This past Thursday, Gabriel García Márquez died of pneumonia in a Mexico City hospital at the age of 87. This weekend has seen a plethora of tributes and obituaries, in newspapers, magazines, and on websites and television programs. These sources can go into the biographical details of Márquez's life better than I can. Many can give critical Read more [...]

The Uncertainty Principle

Heisenberg is speeding down the highway in his dull-green Pontiac Aztek when a cop pulls him over. The cop walks up to his car and says, "Excuse me, sir, but do you know how fast you were going?" Heisenberg responds, "No ... but I know EXACTLY where I am!" Okay, so maybe you don't get the joke, yet (you will in a minute). In fact, you might Read more [...]

Baby, I’m an Anarchist

I don't quite remember the year; the poignancy of the memory overpowers any sense I have of my exact age, or even grade, at the time. I was driving my parents' Volvo down 114 towards Newport. My two closest friends, Spike and David, were in the car with me. David had just put in a CD of some band he was getting into that I had never heard of, with Read more [...]

Drifting Free

Forrester advises, “No thinking - that comes later. You must write your first draft with your heart. You rewrite with your head. The first key to writing is... to write, not to think!” Sound advice, it would seem. That it is sound, is terrifying. What if I get to the end, only to realize it’s not the story I wanted to write? Read more [...]

Rear in Ya View

We've made it through 12 months. The fact that we've made it this long and are still writing is one thing, but the fact that we've posted something in all 12 of those months gives us a profound sense of pride. It's a cause for celebration, bitches. Read more [...]