Brother Pi II: Advanced Analytics

Apologies to all non-DKE readers; this one's pretty fratty. In light of my friend Nog putting the finishing touches on his own personal Pong table - and me playing on said table this past weekend - I've been thinking a lot about The Beastiful Game. That train of thought lead me, once again, back to the Brother Pi Pong Tournament, and the Read more [...]

Daylight, Save Me

By all accounts (or at least mine), this winter has been pretty miserable this year for those of us who live on the East Coast. Though December was relatively mild, the subsequent two months were bitterly cold, and filled with seemingly-constant snowfall. Every time it snowed, I would think to myself, "this HAS to be the last time, we're through Read more [...]

Zion Bible Institute (Part 1)

One afternoon this past December, while I was back in Rhode Island for Christmas, the day was unseasonably warm, so I decided to take a walk around town. It has been a couple of years since I've spent any length of time in Barrington, so I thought it might be interesting to just look around and see what had changed in my hometown. Going down Middle Read more [...]

End Games

The Good Life, a philosophical topic that's been around for millennia, focuses on uncovering the secret to happiness - Eudaimonia, as Aristotle called it. Many different theories attempt to define the nature of happiness - Hedonism, for instance, asserts that Pleasure is the key ingredient - but regardless of one's take, how to lead a happier Read more [...]


This past Sunday, I was offered free tickets to Monday's basketball game between the Washington (Char)Wizards and the Bos(Magne)ton Celtics at the Verizon Center in DC. As some of you know, I'm fan of the NBA, and the Wizards, in particular. In fact, since moving to our nation's capital a few years ago, I've attended at least 15 'Zards games, Read more [...]

Family and Fandom

A few days ago, I made an oblique reference to my parents about the Thanksgiving Day slate of football games. My mom, confused, responded, "Oh, there's football on Thanksgiving?" Over the course of the ensuing conversation, my parents essentially came to the mutual agreement that the very fact that there exist people who might be interested in Read more [...]

A Defense of Knowledge

A number of months ago, I was in New Jersey in the company of friends who were discussing a future event slated to take place in Saratoga, NY. The members of the group had never been there, and were wondering what it was like and what there was to do there. I grew up about 40 minutes south of Saratoga. I would play against its soccer team throughout Read more [...]

Catching You up on Sleep

On a recent Adam Carolla podcast, a program to which I frequently listen and have made references in the past, the hosts were discussing a California school district that was pushing the start time of its high school back in order to combat its students' sleep deprivation. That would have been a welcome change for The Kid in high school, but Mr. Read more [...]

A Defense: “About Buckets”

On Sunday night, a friend accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and nominated Ezra Tischler, this website's co-founder, to carry the torch. On Monday night, Ezra did so in his own way, writing a thoughtful Blogcat to discuss both his reservations about the ubiquitous awareness campaign and his efforts to spread awareness of the terrible disease Read more [...]

Challenge Accepted…Sort Of

Sometime early last week is when I saw the first video. I wasn’t sure what it was all about. Then, in the ensuing days I saw more posts, more hashtags. The trend defined itself. My Facebook newsfeed was transformed into a waterfall of ice water, pouring a shockingly cool awareness over me. With each brief video I watched I could feel my awareness Read more [...]