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Sharks & Recreation

In his seminal book, The Philosophy of Horror, or Paradoxes of the Heart, Noël Carroll examines the aesthetics of the horror genre, in an attempt to understand why we seem to find it so viscerally appealing. As he writes, "the imagery of horror fiction seems to be necessarily repulsive and, yet, the genre has no lack of customers." While there Read more [...]

La Familia

On February 4, 19-year-old Timothy Piazza, a pledge of Penn State's Beta Theta Pi fraternity, died after a night of drinking and being hazed. The particulars of this happening are certainly disconcerting, but this all became especially close to home when I learned that a graduate of my alma mater Niskayuna High School was involved, and is now Read more [...]

A Mobile Banquet

A few weeks ago, I went to Paris with three of my fellow prestigious H.O.L.P. alumni. All four of us have a creative bent and to a certain degree were all looking to be inspired by the city (in addition to hoping to consume prodigious quantities of wine and cheese ... mission accomplished on that front, at least). Paris is, after all, almost universally Read more [...]

Play or Get Played

It is my opinion that The Wire is the greatest show in the history of television. Obviously I have not watched every show ever, so I suppose I can't know for sure, but I have watched and read about my fair share of TV, and I'm certainly not the only one to hold this belief. I just feel that when you combine its exactness, authenticity, humor, drama, Read more [...]

End Games

The Good Life, a philosophical topic that's been around for millennia, focuses on uncovering the secret to happiness - Eudaimonia, as Aristotle called it. Many different theories attempt to define the nature of happiness - Hedonism, for instance, asserts that Pleasure is the key ingredient - but regardless of one's take, how to lead a happier Read more [...]

A Defense of Knowledge

A number of months ago, I was in New Jersey in the company of friends who were discussing a future event slated to take place in Saratoga, NY. The members of the group had never been there, and were wondering what it was like and what there was to do there. I grew up about 40 minutes south of Saratoga. I would play against its soccer team throughout Read more [...]

Pigskin Priorities

I recently re-watched Breaking Bad's series finale, and it got me thinking. Don't worry, this won't be an article about the show - we've already spilled a ton of words on that particular subject. But I do want to briefly touch on the show's closing episode, as it provides some good context for a discussion around the motivational forces behind Read more [...]

The Anxiety of Being Influenced

For a long time, I was pretty much against watching any serialized television show as the program was being released. Essentially, I would do my best to avoid watching any series that had yet to broadcast its ultimate finale. Unless the conclusion had already aired, no dice. There were three real impetuses for this strategy, the first purely Read more [...]

Kambour’s Life Lessons

I've learned a lot some a small number of things across my 24 years on this Earth (is there another?). Lots of them are useless. Some have been good takeaways, though, and in this Blogcat I'd like to share ten that jump out. Actually, what the hell. I'm in a good mood and feeling generous. Let's do five instead. Now, I'm sure I could fabricate Read more [...]

Drifting Free

Forrester advises, “No thinking - that comes later. You must write your first draft with your heart. You rewrite with your head. The first key to writing is... to write, not to think!” Sound advice, it would seem. That it is sound, is terrifying. What if I get to the end, only to realize it’s not the story I wanted to write? Read more [...]