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The current state of TV is fascinating. Peak TV reigns. Thrones hangs on as our last "monoculture" show - unless Amazon has anything to say about it. The Golden Age of shows about Bad Men Doing Bad Things has come and gone, with no real Pantheon successor looming. Netflix, losing 30 Rock and Disney, is shifting away from its core "binge all the Read more [...]

Norman Reedus Needs Our Help

No, but, really: I think Norman Reedus really needs our help. He needs an intervention from someone, at least. Because something has gone horribly wrong. Earlier this summer, AMC decided to air six one-hour long episodes of Ride with Norman Reedus as part of their Sunday night line-up, immediately following their new 'prestige' drama Preacher. Read more [...]

Original Soundtrack

Last weekend I went to the movies, for the first time in a long time, to peep the new drug-trade thriller Sicario, directed by Denis Villeneuve. It was enjoyable for a slew of reasons—the cast, the action-driven plot, and the beautiful desert settings. However, I found myself most intrigued by the film’s soundtrack. (Editors note: I realize Read more [...]

Into the Abyss

More than two years ago, I wrote a blogcat about the SyFy channel. You can read the original here. I gave that article the title the "uncanny valley," after a well-known psychological phenomenon, describing the revulsion people tend to feel when they see something that almost-but-not-quite-perfectly mimics a human being (like creepy animatronics). Read more [...]

A Defense of Knowledge

A number of months ago, I was in New Jersey in the company of friends who were discussing a future event slated to take place in Saratoga, NY. The members of the group had never been there, and were wondering what it was like and what there was to do there. I grew up about 40 minutes south of Saratoga. I would play against its soccer team throughout Read more [...]

Are You Not Entertained?

Last night, the Brooklyn Nets visited the TD Garden to play the Boston Celtics. The national attention focused on the event had nothing to do with the basketball being played, which over the course of the evening ranged from generally mediocre to outright terrible. Under most circumstances, the game would have been unwatchable, except for the most Read more [...]

Old Cedar

Back in 2012, a few of us prestigious Lafayette alumni went on a camping trip for the 4th of July. The group included 5 out of the 6 nominal Bobcat Territory contributors, the exception being "House" Crouse (not that, as of some 625 odd days since our website's founding, he has actually contributed anything - but that's another story). Along with Read more [...]

On to the Next One

I bought my overpriced Playstation 3 during the winter break of my collegiate Freshman year. In late October of this year (2013), it finally died when my girlfriend and I were using it to watch Netflix. The yellow light of death. It was heartbreaking at the time, to tell you the truth. I hung onto the machine for a few more months, turning it Read more [...]

Breaking Down Breaking Bad: To’Hajiilee

The episode titled "To'Hajiilee" that aired this past Sunday is arguably the greatest episode of the show's run (so far - we don't yet know what's to come); Vince Gilligan even said that he thought of all the show's cliff-hangers, of which there are many, this would be the one about which the audience would be most distraught. He was not wrong. Read more [...]

Bloga Bonito

While it's always hard, in the present time, to appreciate that life will be different in the future, that's the way it always happens. The 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil is still over a year from now. That's more than enough time for change to happen. How much different will my life be the next time this great competition rolls around? Read more [...]